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You are here: HomeDelivery and Payment

Services that our nursery provides:


1. Sale chinchillas of our breeding. Search and sale of chinchillas with our friends.

2. We provide transportation services for chinchillas that you personally found. At the same time, we conduct an examination of animals by a professional veterinarian at a chinchilla, which is served by our nursery, delivery of animals to Nikolaev (Ukraine), maintenance (feeding, cleaning), negotiations with breeders, provision of a separate quarantine zone, transportation costs in the city. ; provision and information support of conductors / carriers between cities; international negotiations (if necessary) Ukraine-Russia; supervision of all delivery and communication with all sellers, breeders, paperwork, veterinary health certificate, documents of the Nursery for the export of animals.

3. We produce treatment for chinchillas, if necessary, with the coordination of this treatment with the breeder and buyer.

4. We make photo reports.

5. Each individual carriage is considered and calculated vidually.